List your home with Sheryl AllenFor over 20 years, sellers  in Lake County IL, Northern Cook County and surrounding areas have been getting top dollar when they work with me. Every step of the way, you will notice I do things that other agents don't do. You will get a combination of pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating and follow-up that add up to the best possible price for YOU.

I provide everything you need to be an informed, successful seller. There are checklists, special reports, tips and more.

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Sheryl’s Complete Seller Service Program

A very detailed look at all the things I do to make sure YOU get YOUR property SOLD

  • Staging - Setting up your home for optimum appearance
  • Statistical Review - How your home compares to others that are actively on the market and to homes that have sold in the past 6 months.
  • Discuss property included in the sale - Seller Property Checklist
  • Provide absorption rate - How many months of inventory are currently on the market
  • Internet Marketing - Display your listing on all the top sites
  • Advertising in Newspapers - When appropriate
  • Virtual Tour of Home - Where appropriate
  • Market to the top agents - Target the agents who are most likely to have buyers
  • Market to my office - My office works as a Team
  • Call my past clients for referrals - My past clients are a "rich" source of potential buyers
  • Call my current prospects - One of my current prospects may want to buy your home
  • Let vendors know about your property - Often people in related fields know people looking for property
  • Prepare a Brochure - Show off the features and benefits of your property
  • Recommend Vendors - Recommend people I have personally used to provide various services that you might need
  • Utilize Office Staff - Marketing support from Office Staff, input of listings, answer calls, mailings and brochures
  • Put Supra Lock Box on all Listings - Provides safety for Seller with knowledge of who showed home
  • Provide Seller Checklists - Give sellers easy to follow lists covering all aspects of selling
  • Follow-up on showings - Give you feedback on showings in a timely basis, ie., new homes on the market, how the home is placed, suggestions on home improvements
  • Review price - Every 2 to 4 weeks I will call you to discuss how we are priced compared to our competition
  • Negotiate offers - I will be your advocate in any contract negotiations
  • Follow-up - I will follow-up on the details in the contract and keep you informed every step of the way through closing. I will try to work with your attorney to coordinate the details

Seller Checklists and Resources

Tips and Articles For Home Sellers

Color Psychology and the Best Colors to Attract Homebuyers

By Sheryl Allen

Room colors say a lot about the person who designs a space while also creating a mood for other people. When selling your home in your Lake County, IL, it’s smart to paint the interior rooms. Determining the color palette is difficult because people with a wide variety of personalities and tastes will likely tour your home. The best colors to attract home buyers are ones that universally make people feel good about themselves and their environment. With a variety of colors, you balance calm and powerful, subtle and intense as well as refined and casual. According to a recent […]

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Hiring a real estate agent

Six Reasons Every Home Seller Should Have an Agent

By Sheryl Allen

Do you need a real estate agent to sell your home? Unless you’re a professional real estate agent yourself, the answer is probably yes. Individuals without a real estate background can sell their homes, but the results are often less than satisfactory in terms of not just the price, but also potential legal complications. A professional realtor is your best bet for many reasons. Below are six are of the most important ones. First, your real estate agent knows the required steps in the legal sale of a property. Without any agent, the onus of legal requirements falls squarely upon […]

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Libertyville IL area kitchen

Libertyville Realtor Shares Secrets for Boosting Home Value

By Sheryl Allen

Most real estate buyers in Libertyville area know some of the features they want. They might even tour homes for sale in Libertyville with a “must-have” priority list. But there are also words and features that lure buyers without them being conscious of the attractions. According to a recent study by that looked at home listings and eventual sales prices, certain descriptors give sellers a better chance at selling at high prices. Your Libertyville Realtor will help you figure out the best way to describe your home’s assets for the MLS (multiple listing service) and other sites. An experienced […]

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Home Seller Negotiating Tips

How to Get the Best Price for Your Home: 5 Negotiating Strategies For Home Sellers

By Sheryl Allen

Wherever you live, Libertyville IL, Vernon Hills or Walla Walla Washington, your home is your castle. Everything about it seems perfect to you, and quite possibly, to most other people. Yet these five negotiating strategies for home sellers are essential if you want to get the best price. Price your home fairly. How does this help you negotiate? If you price your home right for current market conditions, it will enable you to counter offer with confidence, and hold out for the fairest price for your home. Counter offer in the correct way. Don’t be insulted when a buyer offers […]

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Popular Home Colors

Best Colors to Attract Homebuyers: Neutral Isn’t Always Best

By Sheryl Allen

When selling your home in Lake County, Illinois, don’t be afraid to use color. Most prospective homebuyers have already toured new construction model homes designed by professionals that use bold accent walls and pops of color throughout. When they walk into your home, they don’t want to feel bored by beige. When choosing a color palette for you home, it’s better to go with the on-trend colors rather than your personal preferences. Also, make sure the colors you choose go well with brushed nickel or stainless steel door knobs and levers as well as cabinet knobs and pulls. Gold fixtures […]

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Libertyville Real Estate Buyers

Top 10 Items Lake County IL Real Estate Buyers Want

By Sheryl Allen

If you are trying to sell your home, it’s good to know not only the top 10 items real estate buyers want, but the items they don’t want. Popcorn ceilings, white appliances, yards that are difficult to maintain and dirty or unraveling carpet are a few of the obvious problems to remedy when trying to sell a home in Lake County, Illinois. According to an article by Kiplinger, the cost of doing nothing to improve your home can often outweigh the cost of making a few key updates. Adding upgraded features is often the difference between offers below asking price […]

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